Mar 252017

All games will be played under WIAA Rules, with the following exceptions:

  1. Dunking is allowed at all times.
  2. Players are allowed 6 personal fouls.
  3. The clock stops after each made basket during the last minute of the game.
  4. If the ball is released before contact on a player control foul, the basket counts.
  5. Teams are allowed two full timeouts per half, no carry overs.
  6. 18 minute halves. 
  7. 4 minute overtimes with one full timeout per team, no carry overs.
  8. Small circle defense player must have both feet outside of circle to be called a charge.

Good Luck to ALL Participating Teams!

Mar 122017

Three-Point Shootout
Saturday, April 8th


  • Contestants are limited to participating players in this year’s event.
  • Each shooter gets 60 seconds to attempt 20 shots.
  • Five racks, four balls per rack.
  • Multi-colored ball is the “Money Ball” – it counts for two points.
  • Shooters must stay behind the black three-point line or the basket doesn’t count.


First Round:          Top four scorers qualify for the second round, no carry-over scores.

Second Round:     Top two scorers qualify for the third round, no carry-over scores.

Third Round:          First and Second Place is determined by this round, no carry-over scores.

*In the event of a tie, an additional Round will occur between the tied contestants.


1st Place:          $200.00 & Trophy

2nd Place:         $100.00